Light, airy, calm, clean and functional – these are words that we would love to use to describe our bathrooms, however this is often not the case. A bathroom should be a relaxing and storage-friendly space; in order to achieve this, every element (from teeth brushing to towel hanging) in the bathroom needs to have a purpose.  Keep it basic to keep it beautiful. Follow these simple tips in styling and design to achieve your best bathroom.

Light Linens

Consider using thin Turkish towels as opposed to opulent bath sheets. They’re quicker to dry and take up less space.

Turkish towel hanging on rail
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Only the Necessities

Keep only the items that are used on a daily basis stored in the shower.  This minimises the visual impact of clutter as well as makes the space much more efficient and easier to clean.

Aesop soap dispensers in the shower
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Storage Considerations

With considered storage and only functional items being kept in your bathroom, it should be easy to keep clean.  Wash ability and stain resistance should be at the forefront of decisions when selecting all surfaces, particularly benches and tiles. Incorporate a designated ‘sprucing space’ in your storage complete with scrubbing brush and antibacterial spray, this way your bathroom can be lightly cleaned on a regular basis. If there is not enough hidden space for this, scope out some basic cleaning products in vessels that suit your bathroom décor.

Cleaning spray bottles in minimalist style
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Streamline bench tops and horizontal surfaces so they’re quick and easy to wipe down. Fewer junctions in design reduces the risk of mould and bacteria build up.

Contemporary bathroom sink and vanity
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Bathroom aren’t always great for decorator items and artwork, bring a design element into the space through lighting, Create depth and warmth through the space via the use of light and shadows. Subtly change mirror angles to maximise natural light and illuminate all the desired areas.

Bathroom mirror and vanity
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Bathrooms should be either crisp and clean or warm and inviting, never dank and smelly.  A well ventilated bathroom will reduce the build up of moisture and mould, therefore reducing risk of damage to fixtures, fittings and your health.

Louvre windows next to shower
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If space permits, incorporate a house plant into the bathroom, aside from air purification it will provide some colour and life in the space.

White tiled bathroom with indoor plant
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Treat your bathroom with as much pride as you do the rest of your home remember the basics and aim for a simple, clean and understated space.  Remember to chat to the Built QA about the design and layout of your bathroom.

Yours naturally,

Hannah Macalister-Bills


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