General Prohibitions

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Bullying, pranks or horse play, loud radios, dogs, firearms or children

Unauthorised persons are also prohibited from:

  • Entering the site after hours or commencing any taks without prior approval by the site supervisor
  • Entering restricted prohibited areas
  • Tampering with or unlocking emergency or safety equipment such as signage, barriers or guardrails

Safety Breaches

  • Serious OHS breaches and refusal to follow OHS officer or site supervior instructions will not be tolerated and may result in instant dismissal from site

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Safety footwear must be worn on this site at all times
  • Hard hats, hearing and eye protection must be worn where required

UV Protection

  • When working outdoors, minimise exposure to sunlight. Cover up where possible and apply SPF30+ sunscreen;
  • Wear broad brimmed hats, or hard hat fitted brims;
  • Wear well fitted long-sleeved clothing;
  • Wear close-fitting, wraparound subglasses.

Injuries, Incidents and Near Misses

  • All injuries no matter how minor, incidents, including near misses and dangerous occurances must be reported to the site supervisor and recorded in the register of injury.


  • Dispose of rubbish to designated bins or rubbish trailers
  • Keep access ways, scaffolds and work areas free from materials and tripping hazards

Working at Heights

  • Fall protection must be in place for anyone who could fall 2 metres or more eg. scaffolding, EWPs, boom lifts
  • Safety harnesses must not be used without adequate operator training, anchor points and a rescue plan

When working on a ladder make sure:

  • The ladder is suitable for the task and is of industrial grade. Domestic ladders are prohibited.
  • Do not stand higher than the third tread from the top rung (or 900mm) from the top of the ladder.

Falling Objects

  • Secure loose material such as ply, roof sheets and off-cuts against falling or pick-up by wind
  • Do not stack materials close to unmeshed guardrails and edges

Electrical Safety

  • All electrical tools, leads and equipment used on site must have a current test tag and be in safe condition
  • All extension leads must be ‘’heavy duty’’ and kept elevated on insulated stands or hooks

Plant Safety

Workers must not operate any plant or equipment, unless:

  • Fully trained and authorised to do so (holding appropriate licence or certificate if required)
  • Daily plant checks have been carried out and the plant is fitted with all the recommended safety guards and signs (report any faults to the site supervisor)


  • Scaffolds with a potential fall height of 4m or more must only be erected, altered and dismantled by licenced scaffold personnel
  • Do not remove guardrails, planks or ladders or alter/modify any part of a scaffold unless you are suitably qualified and approved to do it
  • Do not overload platforms or block access

Mobile Scaffolds

  • Use only on a hard, level surface and lock wheels (castors) before use. Never move a mobile scaffold while someone is on it. Follow the manufacturers instructions for correct erection, use and dismantling


Check oxy-acetylene equipment prior to use:

  • Flashback arrestors fitted to the outlet side of both fuel gas and oxygen regulators
  • A suitable fire extinguisher should be attached to each welding and oxy-acetylene kit
  • Gas cylinders should always be kept upright and secured


  • If you find asbestos on site do not disturb it in anyway. Report it to your supervisor. No asbestos is to be removed unless authorised by the site supervisor
Site Induction Declaration
Please complete the following declaration:
I declare that I have read and understood the above site induction information. I agree to comply with the required site rules.
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